The best features to help you 
Reach your GOALS

Contextual Learning

Our platform presents real-life scenarios to facilitate language learning, from everyday conversations to specific situations like doctor visits, bank transactions, or school admissions. This approach empowers learners to understand and use the language in a way that's relevant to their lives.

AI Virtual Humans

Interact with AI-driven Virtual Humans, simulating a safe, judgment-free environment for language practice. Learners can practice as much as they need without fear of embarrassment, boosting their confidence.

Convenient Learning

 Accessibility is at the heart of our platform. LincLingo can be accessed anytime, anywhere, accommodating the busy lifestyles of your clients.

Multi-Language Support

 We offer comprehensive language learning solutions for both English and French. Whether your clients are international students or newcomers, we cater to a diverse set of needs.  

Personalized Feedback

Our AI technology provides immediate, personalized feedback on language usage and pronunciation, enabling learners to identify and improve their weaknesses.

Instructor and Administration Control Portals

LincLingo comes with a comprehensive instructor and administration portal to facilitate use within many different organisational structures. 

Fully Scalable with Rapid Deployment

Fast easy deployment with minimal fuss through our automated processes.  

Experience the revolution in language learning with LincLingo. 

Our platform brings advanced AI technology to your fingertips, 
providing an
innovative language learning solution.

Practice Sessions in French and English

Maria Rodriguez

New Immigrant

"Thanks to LincLingo, I was able to improve my English skills rapidly after moving to a new country. The virtual conversations with the Virtual Humans made me feel more confident and prepared to communicate effectively in my new environment. It's an invaluable tool for any immigrant looking to enhance their language skills."

Ahmed Hassan

International Student

"LincLingo has been a game-changer for me as an international student. The platform's AI technology and Virtual Humans have greatly improved my English speaking abilities. I now feel more comfortable participating in class discussions and engaging with my peers. It has truly transformed my language learning journey."

See LincLingo's transformative language learning solution.

Non-profit Organization Assisting Immigrants

As a Non-profit organization that assists immigrants in adapting to their new lives, consider incorporated LincLingo into your language support services.  Indications are that you should see a 70% increase in language proficiency within your clients within six months.

University Supporting International Students

Case Study: An innovative university focused on supporting student success adopted LincLingo to aid their international students in mastering English and French.

Their students reported a significant increase in confidence and fluency, leading to improved academic performance and social interaction.

Settlement Agency Fostering Integration

A settlement agency piloted LincLingo to assist newcomers. They experienced a dramatic reduction in communication-related anxieties among the newcomers, leading to smoother integration into communities and workplaces.

Are you ready to revolutionize your language support services?

Sophie Lee

Government Worker

"As a government worker learning French for my work, LincLingo has been an incredible resource. The context-specific simulations and virtual scenarios have helped me practice the language in a professional context. It has been instrumental in enhancing my French proficiency, enabling me to communicate more effectively with colleagues and constituents."

Fatima Ahmed

New Immigrant

"LincLingo has been an incredible tool for cultural integration. As an immigrant, I wanted to connect with the local community and understand their culture better. The interactive conversations with Virtual Humans helped me navigate social interactions, improving my language skills while fostering meaningful connections."