Tackling Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) and Accent Barriers

The challenge of mastering a new language extends beyond vocabulary and grammar to include accent and pronunciation, both critical components of effective communication. 

Mispronunciations and heavy accents can hinder comprehension and lead to misunderstandings, resulting in a common phenomenon known as "Foreign Language Anxiety" (FLA). Research shows that FLA affects approximately 75% of all language learners, posing a significant barrier to language proficiency.

At LincLingo, we recognize these challenges and have engineered a solution specifically designed to assist learners in overcoming them.

Leveraging AI Technology for Accent Reduction

Our innovative language learning platform utilizes advanced AI technology that understands and interprets a variety of accents better than most current systems.

This allows our AI Virtual Humans to provide accurate and helpful feedback to learners, supporting them in improving pronunciation and reducing their accents.

Non-Judgmental Practice and Personalized Feedback

Our AI-powered Virtual Humans engage learners in realistic conversation scenarios, enabling them to practice speaking in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

They offer instant, personalized feedback, assisting learners in recognizing and correcting their pronunciation errors and accents, thereby reducing FLA.

Empowering Learners with Accent Understanding

Understanding accents and assisting learners in reducing their own are cornerstones of the LincLingo experience.

With continuous practice and feedback, learners can improve their pronunciation and reduce their accents, making their spoken language more universally understandable.

The LincLingo Mission: Understand and Be Understood

When we embarked on the LincLingo journey in 2018, our CEO, Jordan Brighton, had a clear vision: to empower language learners to "understand and be understood."

Today, we are proud to offer a platform that not only aids in overcoming FLA but also helps learners improve their accents, leading to more effective communication in their new language.

See how LincLingo can support you team

Luca Rossi

New Immigrant

"LincLingo has changed my life.  I have been able to practice and improve my English very quickly.  

The platform's AI technology and Virtual Humans provided me with real-life language practice, making the transition to a new country smoother. LincLingo accelerated my language acquisition and helped me integrate into the local community faster than I imagined."

Fatima Khalid

International Students

"LincLingo has been an indispensable tool during my time as an international student.

The platform's simulations and interactive conversations have been instrumental in improving my language skills and enhancing my classroom participation.

LincLingo has been my trusted companion throughout my academic journey."