About LincLingo

What is LincLingo?

LincLingo is an innovative language learning platform that uses advanced AI and WebXR technology to help learners improve their English or French speaking skills. It offers interactive, immersive, and contextual learning experiences to make language learning efficient and enjoyable.

Who can use LincLingo?

LincLingo is designed for individuals, organizations, and institutions supporting newcomers, international students, or anyone looking to improve their English or French speaking skills.

Why should I choose LincLingo for my organization?

LincLingo provides a unique, immersive, and interactive language learning experience that traditional methods cannot. It is designed to reduce language learning anxiety, improve retention, provide flexible learning, and save on tutoring costs.

Product Features

How does the AI Virtual Humans feature work?

AI Virtual Humans are AI characters that learners interact with in various scenarios. They can understand the learner's speech and provide responses accordingly, simulating real-life conversations.

What are the real-life scenarios in LincLingo?

LincLingo offers a wide range of scenarios that users are likely to encounter in everyday life. These include situations like booking a doctor's appointment, opening a bank account, enrolling children in school, and many more.

Does LincLingo offer personalized feedback?

Yes, LincLingo provides instant, personalized feedback on language usage and pronunciation, helping learners identify and improve on their weaknesses.

Technical Queries

What are the system requirements for LincLingo?

LincLingo can be accessed via the Chrome browser on laptops and computers with a microphone and headset. We also offer a Virtual Reality application for Meta Quest 2.

Do I need any special equipment to use LincLingo?

For the WebXR platform, you will need a laptop or computer with a Chrome browser, a microphone, and a headset. For the Virtual Reality application, a Meta Quest 2 device is required.

How do I access LincLingo on Meta Quest 2?

Instructions will be provided via the organisation who is providing you with the licenses. 
Note:  Coming Soon - You will soon be able to download the LincLingo application from the Meta Quest Store and install it on your Meta Quest 2 device. You'll need to sign in with your LincLingo account to get started.

User Support

What support does LincLingo offer if I encounter problems while using the platform?

We offer dedicated support for all LincLingo users. If you encounter any problems, you can contact our support team through the 'Contact Us' page on our website, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.


Can I schedule a demo for my organization?

Absolutely! We encourage organizations to schedule a demo to explore how LincLingo can benefit their language learning services. You can request a demo through our contact us form.

Are you ready to see LincLingo in action?

Muhammad Ali

New Immigrant

"LincLingo has been a game-changer in my language acquisition journey as a new immigrant. The AI-powered platform provided me with the opportunity to practice English in real-life scenarios through its Virtual Humans. The practice sessions significantly improved my conversational skills and helped me adapt to my new surroundings."

Sophie Nguyen

International Student

"LincLingo has truly transformed my language learning experience as an international student. The platform's simulations and Virtual Humans allowed me to practice English in various academic and social contexts. Thanks to LincLingo, I was able to excel in my studies and establish connections with both local and international students."

See how LincLingo can support you team

Isabella Lopez

International Student

"LincLingo's personalized learning approach has been a boon for my academic success. As an international student, I needed to improve my English proficiency to excel in my studies. The platform's tailored lessons and interactive conversations helped me achieve academic excellence and feel more at ease in the classroom."

Fran├žois Dupont

Language Learner for Cross-Cultural Communication

"LincLingo has been instrumental in improving my language skills for cross-cultural communication. As a French speaker working in an English-speaking environment, the platform's simulations and Virtual Humans allowed me to practice language nuances and understand cultural differences better. It has enhanced my ability to bridge cultural gaps effectively."