Help Immigrants break the language barrier.  
LincLingo, the groundbreaking language learning platform leveraging AI technology.

Improve Language Proficiency and Confidence 

Equip your beneficiaries with the skills to confidently communicate in English or French. Our immersive, AI-driven platform offers:

  • Fast and efficient language learning for international students and newcomers.
  • A non-judgmental environment for overcoming language barriers and social anxiety.
  • Flexible and convenient learning from the comfort of their homes.
  • Contextual learning simulations with AI Virtual Humans.
  • Cost-effective solution with no additional tutor fees.

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LincLingo: Empowering Newcomers and International Students

Our AI Virtual Humans provide a supportive, judgment-free space for practicing and learning. LincLingo enhances their language skills, boosting their confidence, and community integration:

  • Accelerated language learning and retention.
  • Practical conversational speaking with real-life scenarios.
  • Reduction in public speaking anxiety.
  • Leveraging advanced AI technology for a transformative learning experience.



Learn through practicing life-like conversations.

Contextual Simulations

Simulations reflect newcomer conversations.

Develops Confidence

Higher engagement with a safe practice space.


Learners get immediate feedback.

Ana Silva

International Student

"LincLingo has been a lifeline for me as an international student. The platform's immersive simulations and personalized feedback helped me overcome language barriers and integrate into my new academic environment. I'm grateful for the support it provided during my studies and for helping me build friendships with fellow students."

David Martin

Language Learner for Career Success

"LincLingo's AI-powered platform has been a revelation in my personal career success journey. Through the virtual conversations, I not only expanded my vocabulary and language skills but also gained confidence in expressing myself. It's a transformative experience that has positively impacted various aspects of my life."

Practical Scenarios for Real-life Experiences

Immerse your beneficiaries in hundreds of real-world scenarios, enhancing their language skills in practical contexts. Some of our engaging scenarios include:

  • Booking a doctor's appointment.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Enrolling children in school.

Equip your newcomers and international students with conversational language skills, empowering them to navigate everyday situations with ease.

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Michael Thompson

Government Employee

"LincLingo played a pivotal role in my journey to secure a promotion. By improving my French skills through immersive simulations and personalized feedback, I was able to demonstrate my language abilities in real-world scenarios. This platform truly helped me stand out and achieve my professional goals."

Alejandro Morales

New Immigrant

"LincLingo has been a language learning revelation for me as a new immigrant. The personalized learning paths and engaging conversations with Virtual Humans helped me progress rapidly in acquiring the local language. It played a vital role in my successful integration into the new community and boosting my confidence in daily interactions."

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"Conversational language skills open the doorway for community and workplace integration. We must empower new immigrants with the skills they need to be a part of their new communities" – Lee Brighton, President at Virtro.

Harness the power of smart technology with LincLingo. Make language learning a seamless and enjoyable journey for your beneficiaries.

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Ahmed Khan

New Immigrant

"LincLingo has been my go-to resource for language learning as a new immigrant. The Virtual Humans and their patient conversations have made practicing English a comfortable and enjoyable experience. It helped me build the language skills I needed to navigate daily life and establish myself in a new country."

Juanita Hernandez

International Student

"I can't thank LincLingo enough for its role in my language learning journey as an international student. The platform's virtual simulations and interactive conversations have not only improved my language skills but also boosted my confidence to engage in classroom discussions. It's been an invaluable support system throughout my studies."